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This site is produced by a dedicated team of contributors and is compiled by Furtho.
  • This site is produced by a dedicated team of contributors and is compiled by Furtho.
  • Go! Go! Omiya Ardija provides up-to-date English-language news, views and comment on Japanese football club Omiya Ardija - direct from the heart of the Squirrel Nation.

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    Ins Winter 08/09

    Coach Jang Wae-Ryong, Incheon United
    GK Takahiro Takagi, Sapporo (loan end)
    DF Shunsuke Fukuda, Hosei University
    DF Haruki Nishimura, Takasaki (loan end)
    DF/MF Ryohei Arai, Omiya Youth
    FW Naoki Ishihara, Shonan

    Outs Winter 08/09

    Coach Yasuhiro Higuchi, Yokohama FC
    GK Hiroki Aratani, Sapporo
    DF Akira Ishigame
    DF Tatsuya Kawahara, Kusatsu (loan)
    DF Leandro
    DF Takuro Nishimura
    MF Naoya Saeki
    FW Hiroshi Morita, Kofu
    FW Naoto Sakurai
    FW Manabu Wakabayashi
    FW Kota Yoshihara

    Ardija Squad 2008

    GK 1 Hiroki Aratani
    GK 20 Nobuhisa Kobayashi
    GK 21 Koji Ezumi
    GK 31 Keiki Shimizu (r)

    DF 2 Taishi Tsukamoto (r)
    DF 3 Leandro
    DF 4 Yasuhiro Hato
    DF 5 Daisuke Tomita (v/c)
    DF 18 Takuro Nishimura
    DF 19 Yusuke Murayama
    DF 22 Terukazu Tanaka
    DF 26 Daiki Niwa (n)
    DF 29 Tatsuya Kawahara (r)

    MF 6 Yosuke Kataoka
    MF 7 Naoya Saeki
    MF 8 Daigo Kobayashi
    MF 11 Chikara Fujimoto (v/c)
    MF 15 Masato Saito
    MF 17 Hayato Hashimoto
    MF 23 Shin Kanazawa
    MF 24 Takaya Kawanabe
    MF 25 Tomoya Uchida (n)
    MF 28 Kohei Tokita (r)
    MF 32 Yoshiyuki Kobayashi (c)
    MF 34 Takuya Aoki (r)

    FW 9 Kota Yoshihara
    FW 10 Denis Marques
    FW 13 Pedro Junior
    FW 14 Hiroshi Morita
    FW 16 Klemen Lavric (n*)
    FW 27 Masahiko Ichikawa (r)
    FW 30 Naoto Sakurai
    FW 35 Daisuke Watabe (r)

    (c) = captain
    (n) = new for 2008
    (n*) = signed during 2008
    (r) = rookie
    (v/c) = vice-captain

    Loans Out until

    DF Tatsuya Kawahara, Kusatsu 31 Jan 10
    DF Daiki Niwa, Fukuoka 31 Jan 09
    FW Pedro Junior, Vila Nova 31 Dec 08

    Ardija J1 Games

    09 Mar H v Niigata 2-0
    16 Mar A v Kyoto 1-2
    30 Mar A v S-Pulse 0-0

    02 Apr H v Nagoya 1-2
    05 Apr H v Oita 2-0
    12 Apr A v JEF 4-2
    20 Apr A v Urawa 0-0
    27 Apr H v Kashima 1-1
    30 Apr A v Gamba 3-2

    03 May H v FC Tokyo 0-3
    06 May A v Marinos 1-1
    10 May H v Sapporo 1-2
    17 May A v Kawasaki 3-2

    28 Jun H v Verdy 2-0

    05 Jul A v Kobe 0-1
    12 Jul H v Jubilo 1-2
    17 Jul A v Kashiwa 0-1
    21 Jul A v Nagoya 0-4
    27 Jul H v S-Pulse 0-0

    09 Aug A v Sapporo 2-1
    16 Aug H v Gamba 2-0
    24 Aug A v Oita 0-1
    28 Aug H v Marinos 1-0

    13 Sep A v FC Tokyo 1-3
    21 Sep H v Urawa 0-1
    27 Sep H v Kobe 0-2

    01 Oct A v Kashima 0-2
    04 Oct H v Kashiwa 0-4
    18 Oct A v Verdy 0-1
    26 Oct H v JEF 2-1

    08 Nov H v Kawasaki 2-1
    23 Nov A v Niigata 2-2
    30 Nov H v Kyoto 1-1

    06 Dec A v Jubilo 1-0

    J1 Scorers final

    8 Denis Marques
    5 Lavric
    3 Fujimoto
    3 Kobayashi D
    3 Kobayashi Y
    2 Leandro
    2 Morita
    2 Pedro Junior
    2 Saito
    2 Tomita
    2 Yoshihara
    1 Kataoka
    1 Tokita

    J1 Cards final

    YYY Kataoka
    YYY Kobayashi Y
    YYY Lavric
    YYY Morita
    YYY Tokita
    YY Murayama
    YY Pedro Junior
    YY Uchida
    Y Fujimoto
    Y Hashimoto
    Y Saeki
    Y Saito
    Y Tomita


    Emperor's Cup Games

    02 Nov H v Cerezo 1-0
    15 Nov H v Nagoya 1-2

    Emperor's Cup Scorers

    1 Lavric
    1 Uchida

    Emperor's Cup Cards

    Y Fujimoto
    Y Lavric
    Y Uchida


    Nabisco Cup Table final

    1. Marinos 12 (+6)
    2. Oita 11 (+4)
    3. Niigata 4 (-4)
    4. Omiya 3 (-6)

    Nabisco Cup Games

    20 Mar A v Niigata 2-2
    23 Mar H v Marinos 0-0

    16 Apr A v Marinos 0-4

    25 May H v Oita 1-2
    31 May H v Niigata 1-1

    08 Jun A v Oita 0-1

    Nabisco Cup Scorers final

    1 Denis Marques
    1 Kobayashi D
    1 Morita
    1 Pedro Junior

    Nabisco Cup Cards final

    Y(YY=R) Denis Marques
    YY Leandro
    Y Kanazawa
    Y Kobayashi D
    Y Morita
    Y Niwa
    Y Pedro Junior
    Y Saeki
    Y Tanaka
    Y Tomita
    Y Yoshihara


    J1 Table final

    1. Kashima 63 (+26)
    2. Kawasaki 60 (+23)
    3. Nagoya 59 (+13)

    4. Oita 56 (+9)
    - - - - - - - - - -
    5. S-Pulse 55 (+8)
    6. FC Tokyo 55 (+4)
    7. Urawa 53 (+8)
    8. Gamba 50 (-3)
    9. Marinos 48 (+11)
    10. Kobe 47 (+1)
    11. Kashiwa 46 (+3)
    12. Omiya 43 (-9)
    13. Niigata 42 (-14)
    14. Kyoto 41 (-9)
    15. JEF 38 (-17)
    - - - - - - - - - -
    16. Jubilo 37 (-8)
    17. Verdy 37 (-12)
    18. Sapporo 18 (-34)

    Last J1 Games 06 Dec

    JEF 4-2 FC Tokyo
    Jubilo 0-1 Omiya
    Kobe 0-2 Kashiwa
    Kyoto 1-3 S-Pulse
    Niigata 3-2 Gamba
    Oita 0-0 Nagoya
    Sapporo 0-1 Kashima
    Urawa 1-6 Marinos
    Verdy 0-2 Kawasaki

    Next J1 Games tbc


    J2 Table final

    1. Hiroshima 100 (+64)
    2. Yamagata 78 (+26)
    3. Sendai 70 (+15)
    - - - - - - - - - -
    4. Cerezo 69 (+21)
    5. Shonan 65 (+20)
    6. Tosu 64 (-1)
    7. Kofu 59 (+9)
    8. Fukuoka 58 (-11)
    9. Kusatsu 53 (-7)
    10. Yokohama FC 50 (-5)
    11. Mito 47 (-18)
    12. Kumamoto 43 (-26)
    13. Gifu 42 (-28)
    14. Ehime 37 (-27)
    15. Tokushima 29 (-32)

    Last J2 Games 06 Dec

    Cerezo 2-1 Ehime
    Fukuoka 3-1 Shonan
    Gifu 1-0 Tosu
    Hiroshima 3-0 Tokushima
    Sendai 1-0 Kusatsu
    Yamagata 1-0 Mito
    Yokohama FC 0-0 Kofu

    Next J2 Games tbc

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【--/--/-- --:--】 スポンサー広告
2006 Stadium Plans
Some news to report on Omiya Ardija's struggle to find an appropriate place to stage their matches in 2006. With the re-development of Omiya Koen expected to continue for some twenty months from January, it is consequently impossible for the club to register their old ground with the J-League as the official home stadium. Consideration was given to the possibility of using the dreaded 15,000 capacity Kumagaya as the main replacement, but this was quickly dismissed as contravening the League rule which states that the home stadium must lie actually within the club's home area.

The costs associated with using Saitama Stadium to host regular matches for a team with an average gate this year of a shade under 10,000 were felt to be too great - which means that the most likely solution to the Squirrels' accommodation problem is that the majority of their 'home' games will in fact be staged at Komaba, Saitama and Kumagaya having the remainder split between them.
【2005/12/30 08:25】 2005 News In Brief | TRACKBACK(0) | COMMENT(9)
Leandro For J2?
Reports from Nikkan Sports suggest that 20-year-old former Omiya Ardija loan star Leandro - apparently keen to continue re-commence his J-League experience - is on the verge of signing for J2 side Montedio Yamagata for next season.
【2005/12/28 02:37】 2005 News In Brief | TRACKBACK(0) | COMMENT(5)
Another Transfer Rumour...
Vissel Kobe's defensive midfielder Naoya Saeki is the latest player to be linked in the press with a move to Omiya Ardija, as reported on the Sponichi website. Saeki - who has just turned 28 years old - has been a fixture in the Kobe side throughout the 2005 season, but he began his career with Jubilo Iwata where he made a single appearance in 2001, before moving to Kobe during the same year. He has gone on to play a total of 78 J1 games, scoring just twice.

25 Dec 05 - Naoya Saeki

A rival for Marques, Kanazawa, Saito et al? Naoya Saeki of Vissel Kobe
【2005/12/25 20:40】 2005 News In Brief | TRACKBACK(0) | COMMENT(1)
Yoshihara - A Done Deal?
More transfers rumours to be reported on, although this one is being reported in the Yomiuri Shimbun as effectively a done deal. A preliminary contractual agreement has apparently been reached with Gamba Osaka over the transfer of forward Kota Yoshihara, only some minor details remaining to be finalised.

24 Dec 05 - Kota Yoshihara

Kota Yoshihara - a baby-faced assassin. Fingers crossed

Yoshihara, who will be 28 in February, began his career in the JFL with Consadole Sapporo in 1996, staying with the Hokkaido-based outfit following their step up to the J-League in 1998. He moved to Gamba in 2000 and has kept up a solid scoring record for most of that time, his J-League stats reading 64 goals in exactly 200 games. However, unsurprisingly he moved down the pecking order in 2005 as a result of the remarkable success of Masashi Oguro and Araujo, being redeployed in more of an attacking midfield role and scoring only twice in nineteen appearances.
【2005/12/24 15:33】 2005 News In Brief | TRACKBACK(0) | COMMENT(13)
Squirrels Move For Verdy Man?
The Sponichi sports news site is reporting that Omiya Ardija have made a move for Tokyo Verdy 1969 midfielder Yoshiyuki Kobayashi. Kobayashi, who will be 28 in January, debuted with Verdy Kawasaki in 1999 and followed the club's relocation to the capital in 2001. He's played slightly over 150 games in J1, scoring ten goals.

23 Dec 05 - Kobayashi

Not to be confused with Daigo, Verdy's Yoshiyuki Kobayashi
【2005/12/23 07:50】 2005 News In Brief | TRACKBACK(0) | COMMENT(1)
Nabisco Cup 2006 Groups Announced
Omiya Ardija have been drawn alongside J1 new boys Ventforet Kofu, Jubilo Iwata, Nagoya Grampus 8 and Cerezo Osaka in Group D of the 2006 Nabisco Cup tournament - the single group to contain five teams. The full schedule has yet to be announced, but the home and away fixtures will take place on 29 March, 5 April, 12 April, 26 April, 10 May, 14 May, 17 May and 20 May. With ACL entrants Gamba Osaka to join at the knock-out stage of the competition, the other groups are as follows:

Group A - Urawa, FC Tokyo, Marinos & Fukuoka
Group B - Kashima, Kawasaki, Kyoto & Oita
Group C - JEF, Niigata, S-Pulse & Hiroshima
【2005/12/23 07:33】 2005 News In Brief | TRACKBACK(0) | COMMENT(0)
Omiya Approach Reysol For Double Target
The Nikkan Sports newspaper is reporting that several clubs, including the Squirrels, have approached relegated Kashiwa Reysol regarding the transfer of duo Yukio Tsuchiya and Yasuhiro Hato. 31-year-old central defender Tsuchiya reportedly trained briefly at Omiya with a view to a move last year, but chose not to join the club due to the fact that he would be in competition for places with skipper Seiichiro Okuno and Toninho. He is nevertheless an experienced player with more than 200 J1 matches under his belt, accrued following his 1997 debut for Verdy Kawasaki. Two years later, the instantly recognisable bald Tsuchiya moved to Vissel Kobe, where he spent six seasons in the first team before opting to sign for Kashiwa for 2005.

21 Dec 05 - Calm down girls - it's Tsuchiya

Calm down, girls - it's Yukio Tsuchiya

Most notoriously, he will be remembered this season by most fans as the player involved in the foul that will most likely keep Urawa Reds' promising young international forward Tatsuya Tanaka out of the game for months - but that aside, he played a further thirty matches for the Sun Kings, controversially picking up no fewer than nine yellow cards and one red.

Ardija fans may also recall that Tsuchiya scored the early opening goal in what turned out to be perhaps Omiya's most important match of the season, when the Squirrels came from behind to win 2-1 at the end of October, bringing to an end their winless streak and so dumping Reysol back into the danger zone at the foot of the table.

Yasuhiro Hato, meanwhile, is a 29-year-old former Japanese international who has spent most of his career with Yokohama F Marinos - and with Flugels before the merger of the two clubs prior to the 1999 season. A right back who debuted in 1995 when still in his teens, Hato moved to Reysol during 2004 and immediately slotted into the first team, bringing the number of J1 matches he has played thus far to just under 200.

22 Dec 05 - Hato

The very gorgeous Yasuhiro Hato

The transfer of Washington from Tokyo Verdy 1969 to Urawa nevertheless underlines the dangerous position that Kashiwa and also Vissel Kobe are in, as J1 clubs seek to move in and offer top flight football to the better players of those teams demoted to J2. It's therefore unsurprising that Omiya are not the only club thought to be expressing an interest in experienced players like Tsuchiya and Hato - but neither are Kashiwa's losses likely to stop there, with captain and midfielder Tomokazu Myojin, promising midfielder Mitsuru Nagata and of course international star forward Keiji Tamada all names to tempt rival teams.

No doubt it is Tamada - so far in his career a one-club man - that would most interest Omiya supporters as a potential purchase. A regular in Zico's national team squads and with a burst of pace that puts defenders on the back foot, he would potentially fit in well as a supporting striker, considering his respectable if less-than-breathtaking scoring record of thirty goals in 109 J1 matches for Kashiwa. But in order to take Omiya to the next stage of becoming a stable J1 outfit, it's players such as Tamada and Hato who need to be brought to the club.
【2005/12/22 08:14】 2005 News In Brief | TRACKBACK(0) | COMMENT(9)
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